Create Summer Memories Right Here in Revelstoke

Jun 26, 2023

Photo Credit: Tom Poole Photography

The Summer is a time for relaxation, hanging out with friends, creating memories, having fun, having experiences, and just enjoying life. This is especially true for students who may have the advantage of ‘just being a student’ and traveling their Summer away before the new school year. No matter how much time you have to enjoy the Summer, the time you do have should be well spent. Look no further than Revelstoke for all your Summer fun. We have everything you could possibly want; sun, water, mountains, biking and hiking trails, wildlife, restaurants, breweries, art, and music. There is no shortage of things to do, things to see, and life experiences to immerse yourself into.

The National Parks we have been blessed with surround us. The multitude of flora, fauna, wildlife, and lakes is almost overwhelming. We are in awe every time we take a look around. When you visit us, make sure you really pay attention to all your senses; sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. The five senses will be given a treat here!

Photo Credit: Tom Poole Photography, Mount Revelstoke National Park
Photo Credit: Tom Poole Photography
Photo Credit: Tom Poole Photography

Of course, along with all the beauty Revelstoke bestows upon its guests, certain precautions do need to be taken. We are the outback of Canada and with this come certain wildlife. Revelstoke is home to Black Bears and Grizzly Bears, wolverines, mountain goats, moose, pine martens, coyotes, bats, and various vermin. Wildlife sightings increase in our National Parks, but you may come across a sighting within the city limits. Be aware of your surroundings, carry bear spray, never leave out food, and respect the environment you are in.

Photo Credit: Revelstoke Bear Aware

Changing up the pace during your day, Arts Revelstoke is our local professional organization for Arts and Culture. The Summer allows local musical artists to serenade us all outdoors in various spots around Revelstoke. The event is called Revy Live Outside and you can check out all the scheduled entertainment by clicking here. Bring your dancing shoes and be prepared to dance until you drop!

Photo Credit: Arts Revelstoke
Photo Credit: Arts Revelstoke

If you are a beer or spirit aficionado, then you’ll love touring our breweries and distillery. Mt. Begbie Brewing Co., Rumpus Beer Company, and Monashee Craft Spirits Distillery are three amazing businesses that supply our restaurant industry. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Photo Credit: Mt. Begbie Brewing Co.
Photo Credit: Rumpus Beer Company
Photo Credit: Monashee Craft Spirits Distillery

We are so proud of all the things we offer people here in Revelstoke. We are a community rich in culture. There is so much more to do here than we can write in one blog, but rest assured when you visit us, you will never be bored.

Speaking of rest, Boulder Mountain Resort is where you want to rest your tired mind and body after a long day of sightseeing and exploring. Located right off the Trans Canada Highway, we offer travelers easy access to our grounds. The way here is a winding road full of beautiful views and a quick drive into town.

Whether you plan on staying for one night or one month, we have accommodations for you.

Whether you are a rugged outdoors person who loves “roughing” it tent-style, or you are more of sleeping indoors and having your morning coffee in bed kind of person, we have accommodations for you.

There is no shortage of sleeping options. Just give us a call or check out our website to discover our full lodging menu.

We are looking forward to having you be our guests.