Shoulder Season Is Here. What You Need To Know.

Oct 31, 2022

From approximately mid-October to mid-December, it is known as Shoulder Season around these parts. Autumn in Revelstoke feels like Autumn with some Winter mixed in. The best part is the dusting of snow on the ground. It is significant of things to come, yet, up in the mountains, Winter has already made an appearance.

Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke


One surefire way to experience the Winter before the season officially arrives is to partake in Heli-Skiing. The snow-capped mountains allow you to get some skiing in early in the season. The beauty of the mountains in Revelstoke!

Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke


A bird’s eye view of our tremendous city is just what your soul needs. Paragliding in Revelstoke is a peaceful yet exhilarating experience. The calm of the cold air and the only audible sound of the wind whipping past you make paragliding the quintessential bucket list item.

Photo Credit: Zoya Lynch and Tourism Revelstoke


A hike through the glaciers is one thing you can check off your bucket list! Mountaineering in Glacier National Park is popular among backcountry recreationists. It’s a part of our history as Glacier National Park is the acknowledged birthplace of mountaineering in North America. Suit up and enjoy!

Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke

Of course, there is no better place to hang your hat, gloves, and jacket than here at Boulder Mountain Resort.

No matter what time of day, rain or snow, the chilly days and nights pair well with our covered outdoor hot tub.

When you need to lay your head down to rest, we have plenty of lodging options for you to choose from. Our latest and greatest addition is our Geo Glamping Dome. A small and intimate dwelling, this dome is for those who pack light. Each dome comes with a queen-sized or king-sized bed, a small side table with two chairs, and a half-bath. When you choose to stay in this accommodation, you do have access to the hot tub and public showers.

If you are looking for more from your stay here with us, we have plenty of cabins to choose from. One-person, two-person, three-person, or four-person accommodations are available. Choose from our Luxury Cabins, Log Cabins, and Suites. We have something for everyone’s tastes.

Two-Bedroom Luxury Cabin
One-Bedroom Luxury Cabin
Chrissy’s Cabin Log Cabin

We also offer Glamping Tents, regular tenting and RV spaces. There is plenty of room here.

At the end of the day, Revelstoke is a true Canadian gem, as is Boulder Mountain Resort. Your great Canadian Winter getaway starts and ends with us.

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