Your Mid-Summer Night Dreams Are All About Visiting Us Here In Revelstoke

Jul 25, 2022

Mid-summer is already here, and your mid-summer night dreams are all about visiting us here in Revelstoke! There is still plenty more summer fun to be had before the shoulder season.

Stay cool and wet while white water rafting. The Revelstoke Rapids is an adrenaline-pumping ride. You do not have to be an expert to appreciate this ride. Great for beginners and intermediates, you will get hooked on this sport!

Rafting in Revy, Photo Credit Tourism Revelstoke

If your fancy is something a little smoother and more relaxing, try rafting on the Columbia River. This easy float will allow you the time to soak in the nature and sounds of Revy that surround you. If you choose to have a guide with you, you will be given a mini history lesson on the Columbia River, the Gold Rush back in 1865, and how rich Revelstoke is, both in history and how it was rich in Gold!

Rafting on Columbia River, Photo Credit Tourism Revelstoke

Another totally awesome activity you can dive into here is wake surfing. Whether you are an expert or have never been on a surfboard before, we cater to each level of experience. There are a few companies here that will teach you how to surf so have no fear, you will be an expert by the time you leave! Surf’s up, dudes!

Wakesurfing in Revy, Photo Credit Tourism Revelstoke

At the end of the day, you will dry off back here at Boulder Mountain Resort.

We have a form of lodging for everyone; cabins, tenting, Glamping, and RVing.

Should you choose the accommodation that does not have a toilet or shower, we do have public restrooms that include showers and toilets. Do not worry, you will not be completely ‘roughing’ it out here!

We at Boulder Mountain Resort look forward to playing a role in your Summer Vacation, 2022 Edition!

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We cannot wait to see you!