You Will Fall In Love With Revy This Autumn

The summer sun has set. The winter snow is still a few months away. Don’t you worry, there is still plenty to do this Fall in Revy.


There are a handful of Provincial and National parks within the Revelstoke area. Plenty of sightseeing, plenty of nature and wildlife, plenty of trails, and plenty of exercise! Whether you are a walker, a jogger, a hiker, a mountaineer, an ATVer, or a dirt biker, each one of the parks that surround us offers you an opportunity to do anything you want!

Photo Credit: Kip Wiley and Tourism Revelstoke
Glacier National Park. Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke
Mountain Biking. Photo Credit: Bruno Long


The surrounding nature, and pending action, are not just limited to our Provincial and National Parks. There is plenty more to see around these parts.

Why not give yourself a challenge by backpacking Mount Cartier, a 29.5-km out-and-back trail.

Mount Cartier. Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke

Mount Macpherson is another brilliant mountain range. Operated by the Revelstoke Cycling Association in partnership with Recreation Sites and Trails BC, give Adaptive biking along the Miller Time Trail, or single-lane biking among many of the other trails available on Mount Macpherson.

Adaptive Biking on Mount Macpherson. Photo Credit: Tom Poole and Tourism Revelstoke
Photo Credit: Laura Szanto and Tourism Revelstoke

The Jordan River is one place you will want to check out. Just one of many rivers, lakes, and waterfalls in Revelstoke, this 8.5-km out-and-back trail will keep you wanting more. Walk, or run this trail, the choice is yours.

Jordan River. Photo Credit: Tom Poole and Tourism Revelstoke

There is so much more to expect during your stay in Revy. Too much to name in one blog!

When you decide to say ‘yes’ to Revy, give us a call, or view our website to book your accommodation. We have plenty to offer you when it comes to where to sleep.

We have old-fashioned tenting for those that desire to be ‘off-the-grid’. No electricity or WiFi right at your site, but the rest of the grounds have free WiFi and electrical plugins for your needs, as well as the public washrooms and showers.

If you are an avid RV traveler, we have spots for you to park and rest. Electrical plugins and WiFi are available in this area.  This form of accommodation has access to our public washrooms and showers.

If you find yourself traveling with a crew, our Two-Bedroom Cabins are just for you!

Both bedrooms are furnished with a queen-size bed, dresser, and Smart TV. The open concept living area comes with a cozy gas fireplace, comfy couch, and Smart TV. The whole cabin is equipped is fiber-optic WiFi.

A full kitchenette is included, complete with a two-burner stove, fridge, toaster oven, microwave, and BBQ for all your cooking needs, as well as an in-suite clothes washer and dryer.

You will want for not when you stay in this luxury suite.

If privacy is your craving, try some of our One-Bedroom accommodations.

We have our Luxury One-Bedroom Cabin, Suites, and our Log Cabins, Glamping Tents, and our new Geo Glamping Domes.  Plenty of options for whatever you are looking for.

Book your Fall stay with us now.

Labour Day in Revy!

Labour Day is just around the corner. Give the kids a big send-off back to school in style here in Revy! There is plenty to do and we are here to give you the best Labour Day yet!


Ride into the alpine, check out hidden lakes, or rip around and enjoy the views.  With two rental providers and one guided tour company, your ATV adventure can take off as soon as you arrive!

Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke


Revelstoke boasts two main trail-riding areas, a full-sized motocross track, a challenging endurocross track, and a popular kids/beginners track. We have over 75 km of dirt biking trails that were specifically built for dirt biking! We understand the need for speed and Revy delivers!

Photo credit: Bruno Long and Tourism Revelstoke


North and South of Highway 23 will undoubtedly offer breathtaking views. The open road is where you want to be on a gorgeous day. You will just have to trust us on this one!

Photo Credit: Bruno Long and Tourism Revelstoke


RMR is your personal playground here in Revy. The Pipe Mountain Coaster, The Aerial Adventure Park, and gondola rides, it is our very own theme park! Day passes are available for your enjoyment.

Photo Credit: Tom Poole and Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Here at Boulder Mountain Resort, we have many options to choose from.

We are so excited to officially unveil our new Glamping Geo Domes this summer! It is simple living in a glamorous style!

Choose from a King-Sized and Queen-Sized bed, your head will be happy to sleep in our newest addition. Each Glamping Geo Dome comes with a vanity and toilet and table with chairs. You do have access to our public showers for your daily lathering.

If you find yourself travelling with a group, we recommend our Two-Bedroom Log Cabin!

Complete with a two-burner stove, fridge, toaster oven, microwave and BBQ for all your cooking needs. The two bedrooms are both furnished with a queen-size bed, dresser and Smart TV. Take in the beautiful mountain views from the covered decks off each bedroom. Relax in the open concept living room with a comfy couch, and Smart TV. Included in this cabin is access to our covered outdoor hot tub, in-suite washer and dryer, air conditioning and complimentary fibre optic Wi-Fi. This cabin sleeps four and towels and linens are provided. 

These are only two of our many types of accommodations! We recommend viewing our website for all that we offer!

For some, the return to school is a sad time, but for us, it is a time that we love to host and put smiles on everyone’s face! We love turning those frowns upside down!

We cannot wait to see you!

Your Mid-Summer Night Dreams Are All About Visiting Us Here In Revelstoke

Mid-summer is already here, and your mid-summer night dreams are all about visiting us here in Revelstoke! There is still plenty more summer fun to be had before the shoulder season.

Stay cool and wet while white water rafting. The Revelstoke Rapids is an adrenaline-pumping ride. You do not have to be an expert to appreciate this ride. Great for beginners and intermediates, you will get hooked on this sport!

Rafting in Revy, Photo Credit Tourism Revelstoke

If your fancy is something a little smoother and more relaxing, try rafting on the Columbia River. This easy float will allow you the time to soak in the nature and sounds of Revy that surround you. If you choose to have a guide with you, you will be given a mini history lesson on the Columbia River, the Gold Rush back in 1865, and how rich Revelstoke is, both in history and how it was rich in Gold!

Rafting on Columbia River, Photo Credit Tourism Revelstoke

Another totally awesome activity you can dive into here is wake surfing. Whether you are an expert or have never been on a surfboard before, we cater to each level of experience. There are a few companies here that will teach you how to surf so have no fear, you will be an expert by the time you leave! Surf’s up, dudes!

Wakesurfing in Revy, Photo Credit Tourism Revelstoke

At the end of the day, you will dry off back here at Boulder Mountain Resort.

We have a form of lodging for everyone; cabins, tenting, Glamping, and RVing.

Should you choose the accommodation that does not have a toilet or shower, we do have public restrooms that include showers and toilets. Do not worry, you will not be completely ‘roughing’ it out here!

We at Boulder Mountain Resort look forward to playing a role in your Summer Vacation, 2022 Edition!

To view all our accommodations, click here.

We cannot wait to see you!

Summer 2022 Has Arrived In Revy!

Summer 2022 has arrived and if you have been itching to get out and travel once again, why not choose beautiful Revelstoke in Super Natural British Columbia?

Tourism in our majestic province has rebounded in a big way and we do not want you to miss out on all we have to offer! Revy (as us locals call it) offers you a myriad of adventures from mountains and forests to the beautiful lakes and rivers. Mother Nature has blessed us with the sights and sounds that you must experience to believe!

Columbia River, Photo Credit: Zoya Lynch and Tourism Revelstoke.

There is no shortage of things to do here. There are activities for thrill-seekers and non-thrill seekers alike. There is something for everyone.

One such thrill-seeking activity is paragliding. With self-propelled flying, you will feel so free, hovering above Mount Begbie and our countless rivers. Do not forget your Go-Pro!

Paragliding in Revy, Photo Credit: Tom Poole

If heights are your thing, you will also want to do some mountaineering. There are a few operators that you can choose for gear and plenty of mountain sides for you to climb. See Revy from a bird’s eye view!

Mountaineering in Revy, Photo Credit: Agathe Bernard

Of course, once you have worked up a sweat, you will want to cool off in one of our many lakes and rivers. The summer is not complete until you swim with the local fish.

Photo Credit: Tom Poole

Of course, you will need a place to stay, and that is where we come in. Boulder Mountain Resort is just where you want to be this summer. Our accommodations are unique, cozy and all you need on your vacation.

Our Red Stag cabin is just one of five log cabins to choose from.

Red Stag Log Cabin Exterior

Four of our log cabins (Red Stag, Chrissy’s Cabin, Ridge View, and Lazy Bear) have a unique interior design and personality. Each named log cabin comes outfitted with a Queen-sized bed, kitchenette, bathroom with shower, private BBQ, Smart TV, and WiFi.

Red Stag Log Cabin Interior
Red Stag Log Cabin Bathroom

Our fifth log cabin is our Rustic Glamping Cabin.

 This log cabin is a cross between glamping and cabin living.

Cozy and contemporary, this secluded cabin is nestled in the back corner of BMR’s property. Unlike our other cabins, this cabin has no bathroom. Guests of this cabin have access to our public washrooms, showers, and our hot tub. It is half roughing it, half not. You will be sleeping on a comfortable king-sized mattress that your back will just love.

Speaking of roughing it, we have our Glamping Tents, a glamourous way to do old-fashioned tenting.

With the rustic feel of camping with all the comfort and convenience of glamping, these cozy tents are furnished with a queen-sized bed. To ensure your comfort we supply electricity with plugins to charge your devices, oscillating fan, and free fibre optic Wi-fi. 

With this tent, you will have access to our public washrooms and showers.

And, coming soon, is our Glamping Dome!

A different geometric shape than most accommodations, this half-sphere is our newest addition to the BMR family! With a queen-sized bed, mini table, a half-bath with full vanity, and your own bonfire area, it is the perfect mini-dwelling for your vacation.

When you stay in our Glamping Dome you will have access to the public showers.

We have other accommodations to choose from as well, including our one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites, as well as old-fashioned tenting areas and RV spots. You will want for not here.

Whether you plan on staying for a weekend or a month, we have a little something for everyone here at Boulder Mountain Resort.

This summer is heating up so book your stay with us today. Revy is a hot spot to visit, and you do not want to miss out on an awesome time. Summer 2022 is your summer to carpe diem life!

Get Ready For Our Glamping Domes!

The countdown has begun to the unveiling of our brand-new Glamping Domes!

The finishing touches are being added and they will be available for booking on our website and major booking platforms very soon!

Our Glamping Domes are a new way of camping without having to bring your tent.

Complimenting our current Glamping Tents, our Glamping Domes are an environmentally-friendly way to get the most out of your camping experience!

We will be offering our guests three finished Glamping Domes and a fourth will be added shortly thereafter! These insulated domes are equipped with a large bed, table and chairs, a toilet and a vanity. These Glamping Domes will be available all-year round and do have heat and air-conditioning to keep you comfortable 365 days a year.

We realize you will not be spending your entire trip inside your cozy Glamping Dome and for this reason, we have created a private outdoor space just for you! Each Glamping Dome will have its own fire pit and outdoor gathering area. You will also have access to the entirety of our grounds, including access to showers, laundry, our Nespresso Café, Wi-Fi and access to our Hot Tub Deck!

View more of our amenities here.

We are excited to bring these options to Boulder Mountain Resort and hope you enjoy them.

Book your stay with us now and ask us about this option.

Winter Outdoor Adventures At BMR

Winters in Revelstoke are the best in the world. World-class skiing, snowboarding, and epic snowfalls are what you can expect. Here at Boulder Mountain Resort, you can expect a winter wonderland of accommodations that perfectly complement your winter outdoor adventure.

Front of Boulder Mountain Resort
Front of Boulder Mountain Resort


Set in front of a wintery mountain backdrop, Boulder Mountain Resort is exactly where you want to be this winter. Each of our rooms, whether it be a log cabin, a Glamping tent, or an RV, have a direct window seat to the beauty of a winter’s day.

Two Bedroom Cabin
Two Bedroom Cabin


Glamping Tent
Glamping Tent




The best part about staying here at Boulder Mountain Resort during the winter is the transportation! There is no shortage of snow that you will have the ability to ski or snowmobile your way to our reception desk or our pantry. It really is the winter equivalent to driving a golf cart from point A to point B in Florida!

Snowmobiling Around The Property
Snowmobiling Around The Property


Dry Storage For All Your Gear
Dry Storage For All Your Gear


The Pantry
The Pantry


All our guests do have access to our hot tub to warm their bodies up after a good long day outdoors. Sink in and just let your muscles relax! After a day of snowboarding or skiing, your muscles require recovery.

Hot Tub
Hot Tub


As with any extended stay away from home, you will have laundry to do! We have laundry facilities to ensure you leave here with clean and dry clothes.

Laundry Facilities
Laundry Facilities


Your winter vacation does not start until you book your accommodation. We have something for every desire. Book your winter vacation with us now.

NEW! Geo Domes, Coming Soon To Boulder Mountain Resort

Here at Boulder Mountain Resort, we are always adding new and exciting things to our grounds to keep you, our guests, happy.

This summer, our goal was to increase our accommodations. We have done this with the all-new Geo Domes, coming soon!

Our Geo Domes are a new way of camping without the tent. An add-on to our 2 existing Glamping tents, our Geo Dome is an environmentally friendly way to get the most out of your camping experience.

4 Geo Domes in total between now and the fall, these insulated domes have all the amenities you will require. Each one comes equipped with a King-Sized bed, a small table and chairs, a toilet, and a vanity (though we do admit only 3 out of 4 of these Geo Domes will have a toilet and a vanity), and a coffee maker to give your mornings a pick-me-up. These Geo Domes will be available all year round and do have heat and air-conditioning to keep you comfortable 365 days a year.

Insulated Geo Dome
Insulated Geo Dome

We know you will not be spending your entire trip within the confines of this 350 square foot space. For this reason, we have created an outdoor space just for your Geo Dome ~ each Geo Dome will have its own fire pit and picnic table. You will also have access to the entirety of our grounds, including access to the showers, laundry space, hot tub, and our awesome Espresso bar. View more of our amenities here.


Indoor Hot Tub
Indoor Hot Tub

Public Restrooms
Public Restrooms

Public Laundry Facility
Public Laundry Facility

We are excited to bring these options to Boulder Mountain Resort and hope you enjoy them.

Book your stay with us now and ask us about this option.

Get Your Glamping On This Summer At Boulder Mountain Resort

Glamping, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “outdoor camping with amenities and comforts such as beds, electricity, and access to indoor plumbing, not usually used when camping.” At Boulder Mountain Resort, we are your Glamping experts!

Our Glamping tents are one-of-a-kind and are the perfect combination of traditional camping and cabin living.

When you pull your car up to your Glamping tent, you will be pleasantly surprised by your home for the next week. Each Glamping tent is placed on a raised wood deck. This deck has two purposes in your stay with us; one is to enjoy your morning coffee on. The second is so you do not have to sleep on the cold hard, ground. Your body deserves better than that, and we have better! Your Glamping tent comes complete with a queen-sized bed (plush to give you a good night’s sleep) with enough space to add a children’s bunk bed or adult cot (available upon request), an oscillating fan to keep you cool during this already hot summer and electricity and WiFi to keep you connected to the outside world.

glamping glamping, summer, night

Glamping Tent Interior

We know your stay at Boulder Mountain Resort is going to be more than just your tent. That is why you will have access to many amenities on site. Each Glamping tent comes with its very own picnic table with a bug screen to allow you to relax without the hassle of swatting mosquitos. Just a short walk away from your Glamping tent, you will be able to enjoy one of many communal fire pits (S’Mores, anyone?). You will also be able to enjoy taking a dip in our covered outdoor hot tub should the mood strike. Your stay also includes a clean washroom facility with complimentary hot showers (do not worry, we will not make you ‘rough it’ for real).

Indoor Hot Tub  Complimentary Showers

One thing that our guests absolutely love is that we are a pet-friendly space. We welcome your furry friends to stay with us for as long as you stay with us. We have an enclosed dog park that will allow your fur baby the ability to run around leash-free.

Dog Park
Dog Park

Want to know more about our amenities? There are many more! Click here to view everything you will have access to while Glamping here at Boulder Mountain Resort.

We are looking forward to hosting you! Book your stay now.

New Log Cabins Coming Summer 2021

There is always something exciting happening at Boulder Mountain Resort. This summer, we are introducing our new log cabins to our current & new guests.

Let us introduce you to our 4 new cabins, aptly named Ridge View, Red Stag, Chrissy’s Cabin & Lazy Bear,  these cabins bring together the perfect combination of outdoors experience and home amenities and comfort.

New Log Cabin 2021

These new cabins come equipped with a queen bed, a kitchenette that includes everything you could possibly need in a kitchen, and your very own private deck, fire pit barbecue for your outdoor enjoyment. Even more exciting is the bathroom that we have carefully designed with heated floors for fall & winter comfort, and air conditioning for summer comfort. You will feel right at home and connect to those you love back at home with our Wi-Fi & Smart 4K TV to cast your family video call to. To add to the experience, we have outfitted all our log cabins with locally handmade log furniture. We bring the beauty of the outdoors & our support for local business into your adventure vacation. And these amenities are just within your living space in and around your cabin. Plenty more lies outside your door.







Just steps from your cabin door, you have access to the Boulder Mountain Trail, a nature lover’s dream. Whether you decide to walk or run this 13.5 km trail, the one thing all hikers have said about this trail is that the nature views are beautiful.

Boulder Mountain Trail
Photo Credit: & Theresa Hanafy

Boulder Mountain Trail
Photo Credit: & Theresa Hanafy

In addition to the surrounding nature of the B.C. wilderness, we have plenty to do on our grounds. This summer, we have created new common areas for all our guests to enjoy; a hard ice cream & Nespresso bar, an events tent (for any outdoor occasion), a new kid’s area for your mini me’s to release their energy in, and for your entertainment desires, we are introducing S’mores Dessert Hour for the kids and live music that will take place around our fire pit (coming July & August). This summer is going to be the best one yet!

With our guests being the most important reason why we do what we do, we always keep your needs in mind. We have something for everyone; old-forest camping, Glamping, and a variety of cabins and suites, along with all the amenities you could possibly need. The adventurer within you deserves to experience Boulder Mountain Resort and our ability to keep you connected to what is important to you.

Learn more about our log cabins here.