Get Ready For Some Spring Rips!

April is a month of transition here in Revy. The snow slowly melts away at ground level, becoming a distant memory, while the snow-capped mountains in the distance are a constant reminder of the good times.

This April is no different than years past. Here at Boulder Mountain Resort, the snow has already evaporated into the ether, showing new blooms for a new Spring season. Fresh, mild air caresses our faces every day and breathes new life into our lungs daily. We are just too excited for what this Spring has to offer!

While it is time to pack away your winter gear after an amazing season, it is also time to break out the mud boots, biking helmets, and your desire for some Spring fun!

Here in Revy, we have plenty of things to do outside of the winter sledding and skiing. We offer plenty of heart-pumping activities such as ATVing, biking, and off-roading!

ATVing in Revy, Photo Credit: Bruno Long and Tourism Revelstoke
Dirt Biking in Revy, Photo Credit: Bruno Long and Tourism Revelstoke
Mountain Biking in Revy, Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke

If you feel like life is passing you by going a few knots, you can take it a bit slower when you wish. Our National Parks are starting to become rich with flora. The brown, Earthy tones are giving way to the vibrant greens of the season. Give hiking a try throughout our city and really take in the beauty of Mother Nature.

Hiking in Mount Revelstoke National Park, Photo Credit: Bruno Long and Tourism Revelstoke
Runner: Chloe Lanthier Location: Revelstoke, BC Photographer: Bruno Long email: Phone: 250-814-7870 Address: P.O. box 997, Revelstoke, BC, Canada, V0E 2S0

Whether you are coming from near or far, at the end of your fun-filled adventurous day, Boulder Mountain Resort is where you want to be to just chill out.

We have various fire pits on the grounds for you to cuddle up around and enjoy the friendly banter of you and your crew reliving the day’s events. We also have a covered hot tub to rest your body and your mind. Whatever you desire, it is there for the taking.

We have a beautiful season in front of us and we would love for you to experience it!

We invite you to view our website and peruse our selection of lodging options. We have an array for you to choose from. You can book your stay with us directly on our website. We are looking forward to hosting you this winter into spring changing of the seasons.

Get Your Sledding In Before It Is Too Late!

Revy surely is the place to be in the winter. Our winters begin late November and end in late April (on average). This winter has been the optimal winter to get your winter sledding and snowboarding in. There is still time to do so before the beginning of Spring 2022!

March 20th signals the beginning of the spring season. That does not mean your winter shenanigans have to end. We still have plenty of snow to take in before the snow begins to melt. Whether you are a sledding enthusiast or a snowboarding aficionado, the slopes are here for your pleasure!

Sledding in all its glory in Revy.
Photo Credit: Colin Wallace and Tourism Revelstoke
Snowboarding at Revelstoke Mountain Resort
Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke

If you visit us at the tail end of the season, there is no need to worry about FOMO… there is still plenty to do, albeit a bit dirtier!

Revy offers you an array of activities, even in-between seasons. ATV and dirt biking season is coming up and we know you will have plenty of fun with that!

Photo Credit: Bruno Long and Tourism Revelstoke
Biking at RMR
Photo Credit: Ryan Creary and Revelstoke Mountain Resort

After your day of fun in the sun, snow, or dirt, you can always count on Boulder Mountain Resort to get you all cleaned up and ready for your next adventure. With a wide variety of lodging options, everything from RV sites, tenting sites to cabins and Glamping tents, you have a place to shower up and rest your head.

We invite you to view our website and peruse our selection of lodging options. You can book your stay with us directly on our website. We are looking forward to hosting you this winter into spring changing of the seasons.

Safety Disclaimer: Avalanches are no joke. We always recommend that you ride/ski/snowboard with a shovel, probe and transceiver. It is better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

You may view avalanche updates and forecasts at Avalanche Canada.

Why You Need To Be In Revy This Winter

The temps are mild and the snow is falling. Welcome to Revy in January!

January in Revy is the best time of the year to join us. With plenty of folk back to work, stuck in offices and cubicles, crunching numbers and creating reports, our hills and mountains are free for the taking! Your winter paradise is waiting for you to shred the gnar on your sleds, boards and sticks!

Aerial view of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Photo Credit: Tom Poole and Tourism Revelstoke


Revy just so happens to be the epicenter of all Canadian Winter Snowmobiling. It is true!

We have access to some of the best alpine and trail riding snowmobiling areas globally. With no shortage of snow from now until April/May, and an average of 50 feet of snow falling per winter season, there is no doubt you will be surrounded by a plethora of awesome times. Everywhere you look, you will see the opportunity to have fun this winter.

Photo Credit: Laura Szanto and Tourism Revelstoke


Revelstoke Mountain Resort is the most popular destination for snowboarding in Revy, but you do have other options for your boarding adventures. The Columbia Mountain ranges (Purcells, Selkirks, Cariboos, Monashees) are available for all your boarding desires. Ask us more about these mountains during your stay with us.

Snowboarding in Revy. Photo Credit: Vincent Schnabl and Tourism Revelstoke


Skiing enthusiasts around the world flock to Revy for the OG of all winter activities: heli-skiing.

With four heli-skiing providers here in Revy, there will always be an opportunity to take on every beast of a mountain. You only live once, so take advantage of this blood-pumping activity with your besties.

Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke
Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke

We believe we have the perfect excuse for you to give to your employer for you to take a vacation. There is no better time than the present. Book your stay with us for the best Canadian Winter Adventure.

Itching To Travel? Escape to Revy

If you find that you have that itch to travel and need to get away, we recommend visiting Revelstoke this fall to scratch that itch!

Autumn in Revy is the perfect time to visit. Between September and December is our tourist ‘shoulder season’. This means less traffic, fewer people, and more time for you to ‘check’ off some of your bucket list outdoor adventures.

There is an abundance of activities to do in the fall. The following is a list of recommended activities:


Hiking & Biking

Glacier National Park is a year-round nature paradise right here in Revy. Mountains, valleys, forests, and a creek, you will lose track of time in this picturesque park. Feel free to walk at your own pace or take a mountain bike and feel the breeze on your face. Never you mind about stopping and smelling the proverbial roses, the paths are less populated this time of year. You will not be in anyone’s way.

Glacier National Park, Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke
Glacier National Park, Photo Credit: Tourism Revelstoke


Drive off the beaten path with guided ATV tours. Hidden waterfalls, secluded beaches, alpine terrain. It all awaits you. With 2 ATV providers; Full Speed Rentals and Great Canadian Tours, and guided tours available, your off-roading experience will be a thrill.

The best part? The fall provides easier access to even more remote trails.

ATV and Offroading, Photo Credit: Bruno Long and Tourism Revelstoke
ATV and Offroading, Photo Credit: Bruno Long and Tourism Revelstoke


Rock Climbing          

There is no shortage of rock climbing in Revy. There are so many choices: 69 developed cliffs; 456 rock routes, sport and gear, single pitch cragging to 16 pitch wall routes; 810 climbing pitches. You name it, we have it. Especially in the fall, the rock surfaces will not be absorbing or radiating that summer heat, you’ll have a very comfortable climb.

View Revelstoke Rocks for more information on this thrilling activity.

Rock Climbing, Photo Credit: Bruno Long and Tourism Revelstoke
Rock Climbing, Photo Credit: Bruno Long and Tourism Revelstoke


Accommodation Deals Are Plentiful

We would know about this! We know the fall is not the typical time of year people think about visiting Revelstoke and we want to change that perception. There is so much to do here all year and we want you to experience it! That is why our prices are fall-ing this fall. From now until November 19, we are gifting to you some incredible multi-night stays with us in our One-Bedroom Premium Cabins. View our cabins then contact us directly to book your stay.

Get Your Glamping On This Summer At Boulder Mountain Resort

Glamping, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “outdoor camping with amenities and comforts such as beds, electricity, and access to indoor plumbing, not usually used when camping.” At Boulder Mountain Resort, we are your Glamping experts!

Our Glamping tents are one-of-a-kind and are the perfect combination of traditional camping and cabin living.

When you pull your car up to your Glamping tent, you will be pleasantly surprised by your home for the next week. Each Glamping tent is placed on a raised wood deck. This deck has two purposes in your stay with us; one is to enjoy your morning coffee on. The second is so you do not have to sleep on the cold hard, ground. Your body deserves better than that, and we have better! Your Glamping tent comes complete with a queen-sized bed (plush to give you a good night’s sleep) with enough space to add a children’s bunk bed or adult cot (available upon request), an oscillating fan to keep you cool during this already hot summer and electricity and WiFi to keep you connected to the outside world.

glamping glamping, summer, night

Glamping Tent Interior

We know your stay at Boulder Mountain Resort is going to be more than just your tent. That is why you will have access to many amenities on site. Each Glamping tent comes with its very own picnic table with a bug screen to allow you to relax without the hassle of swatting mosquitos. Just a short walk away from your Glamping tent, you will be able to enjoy one of many communal fire pits (S’Mores, anyone?). You will also be able to enjoy taking a dip in our covered outdoor hot tub should the mood strike. Your stay also includes a clean washroom facility with complimentary hot showers (do not worry, we will not make you ‘rough it’ for real).

Indoor Hot Tub  Complimentary Showers

One thing that our guests absolutely love is that we are a pet-friendly space. We welcome your furry friends to stay with us for as long as you stay with us. We have an enclosed dog park that will allow your fur baby the ability to run around leash-free.

Dog Park
Dog Park

Want to know more about our amenities? There are many more! Click here to view everything you will have access to while Glamping here at Boulder Mountain Resort.

We are looking forward to hosting you! Book your stay now.

New Log Cabins Coming Summer 2021

There is always something exciting happening at Boulder Mountain Resort. This summer, we are introducing our new log cabins to our current & new guests.

Let us introduce you to our 4 new cabins, aptly named Ridge View, Red Stag, Chrissy’s Cabin & Lazy Bear,  these cabins bring together the perfect combination of outdoors experience and home amenities and comfort.

New Log Cabin 2021

These new cabins come equipped with a queen bed, a kitchenette that includes everything you could possibly need in a kitchen, and your very own private deck, fire pit barbecue for your outdoor enjoyment. Even more exciting is the bathroom that we have carefully designed with heated floors for fall & winter comfort, and air conditioning for summer comfort. You will feel right at home and connect to those you love back at home with our Wi-Fi & Smart 4K TV to cast your family video call to. To add to the experience, we have outfitted all our log cabins with locally handmade log furniture. We bring the beauty of the outdoors & our support for local business into your adventure vacation. And these amenities are just within your living space in and around your cabin. Plenty more lies outside your door.







Just steps from your cabin door, you have access to the Boulder Mountain Trail, a nature lover’s dream. Whether you decide to walk or run this 13.5 km trail, the one thing all hikers have said about this trail is that the nature views are beautiful.

Boulder Mountain Trail
Photo Credit: & Theresa Hanafy

Boulder Mountain Trail
Photo Credit: & Theresa Hanafy

In addition to the surrounding nature of the B.C. wilderness, we have plenty to do on our grounds. This summer, we have created new common areas for all our guests to enjoy; a hard ice cream & Nespresso bar, an events tent (for any outdoor occasion), a new kid’s area for your mini me’s to release their energy in, and for your entertainment desires, we are introducing S’mores Dessert Hour for the kids and live music that will take place around our fire pit (coming July & August). This summer is going to be the best one yet!

With our guests being the most important reason why we do what we do, we always keep your needs in mind. We have something for everyone; old-forest camping, Glamping, and a variety of cabins and suites, along with all the amenities you could possibly need. The adventurer within you deserves to experience Boulder Mountain Resort and our ability to keep you connected to what is important to you.

Learn more about our log cabins here.